The hotel is rich in historic significance to its location.

A time capsule of Nepalese Architecture. An amalgamation of the best of Nepalese architecture. Baber Mahal Vilas.... an architectural museum !

In an effort to portray the distinct architectural features of Nepal in an essentially neoclassical 'Rana' style.


Baber Mahal Vilas

The vision behind the boutique property is to create a hospitality model where in, luxury and service are provided in a historically and culturally significant ambience in the center Kathmandu Valley.

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The History

The property is built and run by the descendants of the longest ruling prime minister of Nepal Maharaja Chandra Shumsher Rana and his son Baber Shumsher Rana who was the Commander and Chief of the Nepali Armed Forces.

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The Property

Baber Mahal Vilas is a quaint family-run boutique property set in the existing architectural haven of Baber Mahal Revisited. In an effort to portray the distinct architectural features of Nepal in an blend of architectural design, the property shows 4 distinct styles.

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Experience The Rana style of living

Royal SuitesThese Suites illustrates the Rana era décor reflecting the Victorian culture prevalent during the Rana regime

Royal Suites

The Rana Era Decor Reflecting the Victorian Culture Prevalent

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Heritage SuitesThese Suites are in the Mustang section of the property, and hence reflects the traditional Buddhist décor. This is illustrated in the Buddhist art work on the furniture and the wall paintings.

Heritage Suites

Reflects the Traditional Buddhist Decor

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Traditional SuitesOne suite has a Victorian finish while the other two suites provide the guest a Traditional Newari feel with its decor.

Traditional Suites

Traditional Decor of Newari Culture

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Traditional RoomThese rooms are located in the Newari section of the property, and hence blends with the traditional décor of the Newari culture.

Traditional Room

Traditional Decor of the Newari Culture

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